3D wall picture


3D wall picture is available for your customers in many formats and styles. Wall decals, which essentially function as wall stickers, are a good economical option and are a very quick and easy way of creating change, and expressing personality within an interior space. Other on-trend options available include textured macramé wall hangings and botanical wall art. Lastly, wall art sets take the difficulty out of finding complementary pieces and may be preferred by customers wanting an easy way to create a consistent look over a larger space Because art is so expressive and personal, there is a massive range of art available from the wholesalers at, 3d wall picture from which your customers are sure to find something they love. For example, modern wall art and abstract wall art is a good choice for clients who wish to create chic and professional environments.

About this item

•Can be customized
•Our unique wallpapers are easy to install and can change your room in a blink of an eye. Easy sticking.
•Cover the wall with glue and glue dry wallpaper directly on the wall – And that it’s even if it’s the first time mounting, there’s no need to be afraid of failing. You can easily correct the paper before the paste has set
Silk cloth material, environmental protection, no pollution, give your family a healthy living environment.
•IMPORTANT: The wall needs to be clean and smooth